Fleet cleaning services in Sharjah

Fleet cleaning services in Sharjah

Fleet cleaning services in Sharjah

If you own a single car or fleet of cars, and you are looking for a trusted company offering fleet cleaning services in Sharjah, then you don’t need to look beyond Omer Auto Wash Station. At Omer Auto Wash Station, we own high-tech cleaning equipment, and employ trained and experienced personnel, to ensure your contentment. We clean your fleet of cars extensively, both their interiors as well as exteriors. We don’t just wash and polish your vehicles, we clean them!

What comprises inclusive cleaning?

Most of the fleet owners just want their vehicles to have clean and polished bodies. It makes sense to them, mostly they run their vehicles as taxis, and shinier the exterior more the business. As their prospective customers consider their vehicles clean, only by judging the exteriors, in a flash, due to paucity of time or otherwise. But, at Omer Auto Wash Station, we understand that having a clean and inviting interior is of equal importance.

The gruesome events of the Covid-19 pandemic and contemporary recommendations of medical experts can’t stress enough how significant it is for the car interiors to be kept clean and sanitised for the overall well-being of a car and its users.


The cleanliness of the interior of your car ensures a clean and hygienic environment inside the car, apart from keeping the outer-surface of interiors intact. Everybody, who lives in Sharjah and nearby, has experienced dirt and dust causing faster deterioration of car’s upholstery. Additionally, the bumps in the sandy terrains mostly end in spilling of liquids on them. So, in almost all cases, you need periodical cleaning of interiors of your cars, and Omer Auto Wash Station is the one-stop shop, for comprehensive fleet cleaning services.

Moreover, if your car’s interior is dirty or dusty, it could be an occasion for hazardous air quality inside it. And, various scientific studies have demonstrated time and again that an enhanced air quality within a sustained closed environment boosts your mental well-being in long run.


How do we do it?

Appoint us to clean fleet of your cars, and understand that comprehensive cleaning for us covers high pressure wash with modern gadgets, dashboard cleaning and polishing, engine cleaning with hot water or steam, proper cleaning of upholstery and drying of foot-mats, car’s body wash with foam, cleaning of air vents and ash trays. We also clean the under-body of the car and its tyres arches, without gantry or that familiar lift with high pressure equipment. Without lifting the vehicle means, we don’t disturb the wheel balance or alignment of the vehicle. For cleaning of the interiors, we use a suction vacuum and other special car tools meant for the same. We also do inside out cleaning of windows, windshield and mirrors, so that you enjoy safe drives, until the next time.

What you should do?

Finally, if you want your car to appear fresh and welcoming at all times, you should also do a few key things yourself. You should keep garbage bags in your car, and should avoid smoking inside your car. Dust your floor mats from regularly, and avoid eating inside your car. If it is tough to avoid eating inside, you should clean up the mess, as soon as they pile up. You should keep tissue papers or wet wipes in your car. You should generally avoid air fresheners, and keep only those things in the car that you would require, during drives. You should be more organised and be a minimalist, as you go on a drive.


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