Car Polishing Services in Sharjah

Car Polishing Services in Sharjah

Car Polishing Services in Sharjah

Car polish is used to remove scratches on the surface, traces of oxidation, and other petty imperfections, in the body of your car. It excludes some amount of the paint, from the outer-most layer, so that a flat surface emerges. As a result any light scratches or swirl marks present in the body, are polished down. Therefore, it does not add another layer of paint to your car’s body, but from a technical standpoint, it just removes a thin layer of paint. But, this process gives your car a makeover, and it becomes worthwhile. Usually, this is a process that is taken after washing and drying of your car, and adds glitter to its appearance. In Sharjah, Omer Auto Wash Station offers a complete cleaning package for your car, not only its polishing. We have habitually been seeing contented people off; driving away their new-looking cars from us. We have been delivering this, for a substantial period of time, now, irrespective of the condition of the cars, as they were driven in to us.

The process

Car polishing is typically done using a machine that spins a polishing pad. This pad and several pastes are used successively to eliminate the damages. Initially coarser pads are used and thereafter finer pads are taken up to gradually take a thin layer of paint on body of your car off, and bring a smooth inner layer to the fore. This process is continued until the car gets an excellent finish. In the end, a glaze is thrown on your car to remove any minor imperfections still visible on its body and wax is applied to it to protect the finish. With the latest car polishing tools, we ensure a flawless exterior finish for your car!


Before polishing a car, we clean it extensively, especially the outer surface of the body. It is usually washed and dried. It is important to remove dust or dirt that can be a hindrance in an even polishing process. Dirt and sand can be a regular feature of a car’s exterior, in this part of the world. We use the right kind of car polisher. There are typically three types of car polishers, viz., variable speed, random orbit, dual-action polisher; rotary buffer; and wax buffer polisher. We do random spot tests, as we know that polishers react in different ways at different places and different surfaces.

Dark coloured cars are more inclined to swirl marks while polishing, a soft foam pad is used in this case, while coarser pads are suitable for light coloured cars. The body of the car should be properly dried before waxing to maintain the quality of polishing process.


Outcome of a comprehensive polishing

Polishing, if done properly, almost eliminates all scratches or at least make them less visible. It removes defects on the car’s body, due to uneven coating, or any swirl marks. It neutralises the patchiness of paintwork, which can’t be done otherwise. It refurbishes fading of the paint, corrects the paint or adds gloss to it. In all, it enhances the appearance of your car. It cuts on the requirement of the car getting washed, so often. In totality, it makes your car look new and attract attention.

However, to receive these benefits in abundance quality polishing compounds for cars, best polishing machine for cars, excellent car polisher and appropriate car polisher buffer machine should be used, and we know exactly, what your car needs!


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