Car Detailing

Car Detailing

Glass Treatment

This is for cleansing and protection of windshield of cars. With this treatment, hard water marks and oxidation are removed

Engine Coating

This treatment is designed to provide a high gloss and slippery coating on the engine parts, hoses, etc

AC Treatment

This protection is designed to disinfect the Air conditioner ducts and to improve air quality

Alloy Wheel Protection

This treatment is designed for the cleaning and protection of the alloy wheels.

Headlight Restoration

This treatment radically improves the visibility of headlights by giving a new life to the head light cover

Leather Conditioning Treatment

In this treatment, an intensive cleansing of the leather is allotted by a proprietary chemical.

Underbody Coating

This treatment is designed to provide long-term protection from rust to the under chassis. It protects the underbody substrates

Fabric Protector

Fabric protection is done by a proprietary chemical. It removes dirt, dust & grime including very tough stains, such as chocolate, coffee/ tea

Rubbing & Waxing

It removes a fine layer of your car’s paint to get rid of scratches and other imperfections.

Silencer Coating

We are instrumental in offering premium quality Silencer Coating Services to our valuable customers.

Glow Treatment

This glow treatment shines a car’s surface. Years of the analysis show that this protection is well-tried

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